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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  December 8, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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this live picture from san francisc clear, crisp, and above all, cold. this live picture from san francisco tonight may look pleasant with all the lights, but if you're heading outside, be prepared. the bay area freeze isn't over yet. >> no, indeed. at livermore thihour 5 degrees cooler than last night at this time. temperatures are falling like a set of car keys around the bay area. 31 degrees in concord. oakland rbs 35 . santa rosa, 27
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degrees. no surprise we have freeze warnings posted tonight. posted tomorrow night as well. numbers will get lower than 20s. san jose down to 30 degrees. napa will be down to 24. people all over the bay area as a result are shivering. but only some of them actually mind the cold. i hope one of them isn't don knapp who is reporting from concord. >> those degree numbers tell us one thing about the cold but our california acclimated bodies tell us otherwise. my body is telling me it's pretty unpleasant and i think a lot of folks out here will agree. >> reporter: with temperatures headed for freezing, snow is piling up in walnut creek. folks are putting on more clothes. >> dressed up, bundles, three layers down. >> good day to come ice skating? >> great day for ice skating. >> reporter: the sun was out as
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the temperatures dropped. >> it's awesome, it's very cold. but it's amazing to skate on this ice. >> it's so cool. there's ice everywhere. >> reporter: most east bay shoppers weren't quite ready for this. >> how are you dealing with the cold? >> bundling up. i have my mittens on. >> is that enough? >> no , it's really cold. >> you don't look very warm. >> doesn't look like you're dressed as warm as you could be. [ laughter ] >> just dressed up a little extra and wearing my rabbit fur and that's it. >> reporter: cold weather may have kept folks away from this ace hardware tree lot on main. >> two nights ago it was very cold here but we have a heat lamp. >> reporter: many may not like the cold but susanna suggests get used to it. it's weather. >> i love it. >> you love the wold weather? >> yes. >> why ? >> because that's the season. that's how it should be. >> that getting in to the spirit of the sends with cold weather may work a little bit
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better back east than it does here. >> the same system that's produced record cold here is now making an icy mess from texas all the way through the northeast. >> trying to get to the airport in dallas was quite the challenge. roadways were icy and firefighters had to de-ice the roof of the terminal. even if they got to the airport, passengers weren't in the clear. hundreds of flights were delayed or canceled. in philadelphia the forecast calls for some snow, but some people were caught off guard with how heavy it turned out to be. the airport could only keep one runway open. and it's not just at the airports. the roads are also sloppy. crews are having a difficult time keeping up. >> reporter: in stadiums along the east coast today, the players on nfl teams didn't just tackle each other. they had to take on weather conditions as well. clearing the no -- the snow
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on an nfl field is easy compared to the roads. in maryland they could not match the storm's intensity. this pickup struck -- truck slid off the road. it's his job to keep traffic moving even in icy conditions. >> if the temperatures continue to drop, our concern intensifies. we have almost 2,000 vehicles out there in northern virginia. we're monitoring the situation both through cameras and through feedback from our folks over there. >> reporter: they're already seeing signs of trouble. this late fall storm has been moving up from the south, barreling toward the east coast. the weekend kept many cars and trucks off the road. but monday morning's commute is expected to be different. in northern virginia, as many as 2 million vehicles are expected on the roads headed back to work. >> overnight the concern is roads turning to ice and ice
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accumulation bringing down power lines. >> the power problems are trickling down to sfo tonight. a check of their website shows an average delay of an hour for flights going to and from affected cities, but some flights have been canceled. a family walking in a sonoma county park this afternoon stumbled upon human remains. a man and his two children were in shiloh ranch regional park in windsor where the father spot adhuman -- spotted a human skull and shoe. no information yet on the person's identity. the 49ers faced the seattle seahawks. mark kelly shows us how san francisco police kept the fans in check. >> reporter: outside candlestick park, no shortage of crowd control from all ranks of law enforcement. when there's this kind of rivalry -- >> go 9ers, baby! >> reporter: extra security
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becomes a top priority for the san francisco police chief. he won't talk hard numbers, but did say -- >> we have about 50% more officers than in a regular non-rivalry day game out here today and probably have twice as many officers in opposing team apparel. >> reporter: that means officer disguised in seahawks jerseys monitoring the crowd inside and outside candlestick at all times. the seahawks do it at their home games and for a big game like this, now we do it too. >> if you get at anybody else, you're going to find yourself in jail and these tickets are expensive. you want to find your seat in the stadium. >> reporter: for fans, the extra security was paying off. ronnie wittenberg has broken up a pregame fight or two in his day, but not today. >> let's have fun. let's enjoy ourselves, you know? >> reporter: these sisters agree. >> i heard the area can be not so safe but i feel totally fine.
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we've been walking for a while so we're good. >> reporter: the true test of fan civility comes on the 23rd when the 49ers play their last game in this legendary stadium. mark kelly, kpix 5. >> and the 9ers went on to win that game and san francisco police are calling the results of their efforts a win as well. they did arrest 23 people, 19 of them for being drunk but say there were no major problems. federal investigators will question experts and witnesses in washington this week to try to find out what caused the asiana airlines crash. the two-day hearing will focus on problems with the plane's throttle and communication issues. a lot of experts believe human error was to blame. a report in today's chronicle shows some first responders lacked training for an accident like this. korean war veteran merrill newman spent more than a month detained in north korea after being taken in to custody while on a tourist trip and now we're learning he was kept in a hotel
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room the entire time, not a jail cell. he told the sentinel he was well fed and kept comfortable. when asked about his televised apology, he said that's not my english. he said his wife now controls his passport. this is the first sunday since nelson mandela's death. south africans prayed for him in and out of church. the celebrations of mandela's life have not let up since his death on thursday. today mandela's ex-wife is headed to one service. at another, his successor eulogized the country's first black president. >> what he was able to do, to engage in struggle, to end in justice. >> president obama and first lady michelle will leave tomorrow for south africa. they'll attend a national memorial service for mandela on tuesday. bay area churchgoers also honored the former south african
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president today. john shows us the celebration of his life and legacy at san francisco's glide memorial church. >> reporter: when san francisco's glide memorial church remembered nelson mandela at their services, the only thing missing was sadness. the mood was joyful as the children's choir honored the passing of the man who is being called the father of the nation. >> it's bigger than that. nelson mandela touched all of our lives regardless of where we were in the world. >> reporter: pastor sisal williams met him twice. he said mandela's power came from his ability to rise above the outrage of his imprisonment to become an irresistible force in
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the position of change. >> being in prison for 27 years, you hear me? 27 years. and then walking out of that prison as a new person completely. there's no doubt about it. he liberated the world in many ways. >> reporter: mandela was already in his 70s when he walked out of prison, but his antiapartheid message resonated strongest with a younger generation. john bailey thinks real change always happens because of young people. >> i don't think you can make the change without the youth. i think the youth see themselves growing up in a different world. >> i feel like me, i'm going to do everything in my power to make sure i teach my children about him, keep updating my status because i feel like he's a man that needs to be celebrated forever. >> reporter: nelson mandela often said he wanted to create a rainbow nation. today's service showed that doesn't have to be just a dream.
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>> in san francisco flags are flying at half staff all this week in mandela's honor. the city will hold its own memorial for mandela wednesday morning at city hall. coming up, cars, flowers, why this tribute to actor paul walker drew thousands of people.
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[[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter] medical team returned home y after spending two weeks in philippines-- helping with e typhoon haiyan relief effor a stanford medical team returned home today after spending two weeks in the philippines helping with the typhoon relief effort. they treated about 200 patients a day. the weather made things
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difficult and very draining. while they were there to provide medical assistance, they also provided emotional support. >> just listening about their stories and i think they feel good. our presence actually makes them feel good. and they're very grateful for that. >> members of the team say that while the devastation is widespread, they did see rebuilding taking place and they say the spirit of the filipino people gives them a sense of optimism. residents are still picking up the pieces a month after haiyan hit. the area is considered ground zero with 90% of it destroyed by the storm. hundreds of people are still missing. experts say it could take 10 years to rebuild. a memorial for actor paul walker organized entirely online drew a huge turnout today and as christy tells us, there were some concerns the crowd might get out of control. >> reporter: paul walker fans came from all over in modified
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cars. they mourned, they revved their engines, and they laughed . fans called it a fitting tribute for two men now racing in paradise. >> a lot of fans came out. a lot of cars too. >> reporter: the sheriff's department is also pleased. this is what it looked like late in to the evening. at points traffic stretched on to the freeway. suped up engines, no real trouble. >> things went well thanks to very cooperative people. there were at least 5,000 people came out, nearly 2,000 cars we estimate. >> reporter: all here to remember the two men killed in this fiery crash eight days ago. in this the age of social media, friends told friends to come pay tribute to the fast and furious star, and word quickly spread. there was no one organizer, no
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way to know how many people were coming. deputies were left with how to guess with the onslaught of mourners. >> we saw event after event showing up on facebook and ultimately found at least 13 facebook pages that i saw as well as other sites that were talking about that they were planning on coming here today. >> reporter: the sheriff's department brought in extra deputies and volunteers and closed lanes and streets to help prevent gridlock all while fans revved engines, signed memorials, and thanked paul walker for his charity, his movies, and their memories. >> paul walker inspired us and we love him. >> walker's movie fast and furious 6 will be released on dvd this tuesday and some of the proceeds will be donated to his charity, reach out worldwide, benefiting people struggling after natural disasters. san diego's embattled former mayor is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow.
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bob filner will get three months probation, three months home confinement and must undergo mental treatment. he resigned in august after over a dozen women accused him of making unwanted advances against them. a fiery end to a holiday parade in virginia beach last night. one of the floats suddenly burst in to flames. firefighters grabbed a fire extinguisher from a nearby pizza joint and put out the fire. they say a generator surrounded by combustible materials was to blame. no one was seriously injured but members of a marching band were hospitalized with breathing problems. despite the recent cold, citrus farmers in california central valley say they have dodged the brunt of the storm that brought wind and rain and freezing temperatures. they've managed to prevent crop damage by lighting fires and using wind machines as temperatures dipped in to the 20s. we've got temperatures
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right now. livermore has 32 degrees. we'll revisit the current numbers, showing some of them already in to the 20s in santa rosa for instance. we've got 27 degrees. oakland, 35 right now. it's freezing in livermore. degree below freezing at conquered. clear skies, numbers women plummet -- numbers will plummet tonight. stay tuned on all of this. be sure to protect the plants and the pets and the wind speeds right now not helping. they're calm. such wind speeds as we have are offshore. a northeasterly direction. very dry direction. so you com bine that very low humidities, chapped hands. numbers in the upper 30s and low 40s. a real slap in the face as you head out the door to the car or public transportation. temperatures near 50 degrees for our forecast highs. temperatures at least are
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warming a little bit but at night they'll remain plenty cold. that ice storm we were talking about along the eastern seaboard all being helped along by low pressure and a deep polar jet, polar combined with subtropical jet allowing cold air to spread over the u.s. and provide lots of cold readings. we'll see that in a minute. lows tonight in to the 20s inland near record territory. we'll begin to warm up monday as high pressure begins to nudge back in to california. in a way all that's really doing is put a lid on cold temperatures. there won't be a dramatic warming trend after the lows tonight. slight warming tomorrow. then we'll be back to near 60 degrees by midweek. slow warming daytime in miami, 82 degrees. mostly in the 20s in minneapolis tomorrow. beautiful town in st. paul. 0 degrees. overnight lows tonight will be done to 23 in santa rosa. 27 at livermore. san francisco down to 35. average high for tomorrow is 58. we'll manage just 51 degrees in
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san francisco. in san jose, 51 degrees. and in livermore 48. 48 is 9 degrees below average for this time of the year in livermore. 51 in palo alto. 49 in fremont. we'll look at 48 degrees in fremont and 47 at brentwood. 48 in danville. 51 in nap a. north bay, numbers in the low 50s. 51 in san rafael. look ahead, dry weather ahead with sunshine and temperatures slowly warming until by the end of the week. we'll be near 60 degrees and then next weekend some clouds will be around. clouds but it doesn't look like any rain is on the way for the bay area at least for the next week. stay tuned on that. that's the big weather story and not looking good. changing the way kids learn about computers. how some silicon valley moguls are teaming up this week to help them crack the code. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the 49ers prove their critics wrong.
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actually create those progr a lot of school computer classes focus on how to use programs but a few teach
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students on how to create the programs. >> a new movement backed by some major techies aims to change the lesson plan. >> reporter: an hour in the classroom. that's all the nonprofit wants, at least to start. hour of code is an event that aims to teach kids about programming. it takes place december 9th to the 15th during computer science education week. >> the idea is to get a one-hour basic introduction to the field that is sort of behind this veil of mystery, this veil that separates the average person from the mark zuckerburg. >> reporter: to help educators introduce the topic to students, has compiled a range of lessons. mark zuckerburg may not draw them in, but angry birds might. >> each level you progress through the game you're learning a little bit more how computer science works. >> reporter: westboro middle school in south san francisco is one of 10,000 schools across the globe planning to participate. >> gets them really to
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understand how to go about doing certain tasks and understanding the benefits of technology. >> reporter: hour of code is backed by dozens of tech companies and luminaries like twitter co-founder jack dorsey and bill gates. >> i wrote a program that played ticktacktoe. >> reporter: file sharing service dropbox is donating storage for the event. ceo drew howston hopes students get as hooked on coding as he did. >> my dad showed me how to write my first line of code. >> reporter: it's unlikely the education standards will be revised to include coding. still, 60 minutes could bring change. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he fell asleep on a plane to houston... and was left beh "i woke a trip to california turned in to quite the adventure for a louisiana man. >> he fell asleep on a plane to houston and was left behind. >> i woke up and the lights were out and i was like what's going on? >> no one bothered to wake the man when he arrived in houston and the crew clearly missed him when they were doing their post-flight walk-through.
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